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How to Develop and Foster a Healthy Relationship with your Body

How come it's so easy to be our own worst enemy? We can be so cruel.

And for what? It gets us nowhere.

I can't emphasize enough how important it is to practice more body positivity when letting go of dieting or recovering from an eating disorder.

Think about the times you've dieted or were self destructive. More times than not, I'm sure it stems from not being up to your self defined standard.

Body shaming will always be a road block to your reaching your goals. So we have to start somewhere when changing our mindset to be more loving towards ourselves. How to start? I've provided some tips below to start giving yourself a little more lovin!

1.) Detox. From social media that is! It is so easy to fall into the comparison trap and its unfair to compare your beginning to someone else's middle. Take a break from social media or filter/block posts that no longer serve you.

2.) This too shall pass. Everything is temporary. Including those negative thoughts. These feelings don't define you and don't need to determine how the rest of your day goes. Engage in activities that you enjoy, surround yourself with people you love, take a deep breath, and understand that it will all be okay.

3.) Challenge false truths. For every negative thought, try and replace it with a positive one. Challenge where these negative thoughts even come from. You have the power to change your perspective and create new truths.

4.) Respect your body. Think about all the things you ask your body to do and it does. Think of all the things you've put your body through, and how it still remains strong for you. Be kind to yourself and and don't be so hard on your body. You only get one!

5.) Don't Diet. I repeat - don't diet. Dieting pulls you further away from finding your inner wisdom. This will only fuel restrictive and binge behaviors, adding fuel to negative self talk and feelings of inadequacy.

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