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Social Media Food Trends

Welcome back to another installment of reviewing recent social media food trends. If you’re interested in reading previous round-ups of this, please visit the linked posts: here, here and here!

Chopped Bagel

This trend involves taking what you may see on a bagel sandwich and chopping it all up on a cutting board to make a more cohesive mixture that you then eat on a bagel. A common example is a lox bagel with cream cheese and the fixings. You'd take cream cheese, lox, capers, and herbs and chop it all up on a cutting board and then spread on a bagel. Be forewarned, this trend can get a little bit messy on your board however it can be a tasty way to eat a favorite bagel composition in a new way!

Fruit Roll Ups with Ice Cream

This one is pretty self-explanatory. You take a fruit roll up and put ice cream in it and then roll it up and eat it together. This one seems to be trendy for its mixture of textures, both chewy or crunchy and creamy from the two components. As mentioned in previous social media food trends round-ups, please be mindful of your intention behind trying any of these trends. If this feels like the only permissible way for you to have ice cream or something sweet, there may be more to explore behind that. But if your intention is simply to try something new and you like the textural aspects of the dish, go ahead! Just know that you're allowed to eat ice cream in any capacity - not just because it's trending online in some way.

Grinder Sandwich

This is another one that takes some chopping! Here the idea is that you take ingredients commonly used in an Italian salad of sorts - chopped meats and cheeses combined with lettuce, onions, as well as mayonnaise, vinegar and seasonings to make a dressing. This one can be a great way to take a preferred salad and make it a more complete meal by serving it on bread to make a sandwich. While salads can be tasty, they're often lacking in carbohydrates so by turning a salad into more of a sandwich, you're getting a more filling and satisfying eating experience!

Cloud Bread

"Cloud Bread" is more or less making meringue. This trend involves whipping egg whites until frothy, then stir in sugar and whip in cornstarch until glossy. The mixture is then transferred to a baking sheet to bake in the oven. The issue that can come up with this lies more in the name; calling something "bread" when it's not actually a carbohydrate or a comparable substitution for bread can be a slippery slope. If you are hoping to make this to try something new or practice your baking skills, that's one thing. However, making this to use in lieu of bread or because eating a real bread product feels challenging likely means there's something more to explore in terms of your relationship to bread and any existing food rules.


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