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Easter Leftover Cobb Salad

Happy almost Easter to those who celebrate! In thinking about the holiday, ideas around how to repurpose leftovers started to circulate. Thinking of the most commonly consumed Easter foods (which may be different for you and your loved ones, and that’s okay; this idea can also be used any time of year), this idea came to fruition.

Easter Leftovers Cobb Salad

  • Lettuce of your choice (spring mix, romaine, iceberg, spinach - anything is fine!)

  • Vegetables of your choice - you can use raw veggies such as cucumbers or tomatoes, roasted veggies such as broccoli or cauliflower or pickled/jarred/canned veggies such as roasted red peppers, pickled red onions or artichoke hearts. Truly whatever you have on hand from hosting or taking home leftovers from a celebration can be repurposed

  • Fruit, nuts and cheese - if you have any fresh or dried fruit, cheese or nuts (say maybe from an appetizer cheese board or fruit plate at the event?), feel free to throw it on. This can help to add more color and texture as well as additional energy and nutritional density to the salad!

  • Eggs - probably the most popular aspect of an Easter celebration. This can be a way to use up dyed Easter eggs (bonus points for the fun color addition!) or leftover deviled eggs. Just chop ‘em up and toss them in

  • Meat - if you have leftover bacon from an Easter brunch or ham from an Easter dinner, this can be added to the salad too

  • Carbohydrates - even the most jazzed up salads might be lacking carbohydrates. Some ideas that could be added directly to the salad include roasted starchy vegetables such as butternut squash or potatoes, grains such as rice or couscous or just good old fashioned croutons! Maybe you don’t have those items handy, but some other leftovers from Easter such as scalloped potatoes or dinner rolls, which can be consumed on the side with the Cobb salad

Hope you enjoy this idea and find it useful to repurpose items you may have on hand after Easter. Additionally, if Easter candy is feeling difficult for you, here’s a post from last year that may resonate: Navigating the Easter Holiday.

Whether you’re celebrating Easter or not, here’s to hoping you like this egg-cellent salad option that’s meant to be a filling and satisfying meal option!


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