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Festive Appetizers on a Budget

With rising food costs and the holiday season, thinking of making a dish to pass may feel even more stressful than ever. According to the USDA, buying food from the grocery store has risen by 12.4% compared to October 2021 so it’s understandable if this feels even more of a stressor than years before. With this post, the hope is to share some delicious holiday appetizers that can be prepared for less than $10 total* that you can take to all of your upcoming gatherings… or just enjoy and relax at home! Baked Brie: Brie cheese round $3.75 Baguette for serving $1.89 A honey crisp apple for serving $1.29 each Prosciutto Wrapped Fruit: Prosciutto $4.39 Cantaloupe and/or pitted dates $3.29 each Chips and Dip 3 Ways - Salsa, Queso and Guacamole (this one goes 18 cents over the $10 budget so feel free to eliminate one of the dips!): Restaurant style tortilla chips $1.99 Restaurant style salsa $2.45 Salsa con queso $2.19 Southwest guacamole $3.55 Tortilla Pinwheels: Flour tortillas $1.95 Plain or chive and onion cream cheese $2.09 Black Forest turkey $4.39 And of course, a dessert is always a good idea… especially in the form of a festive brownie sundae! Peppermint Mocha Brownie Sundae: Box of brownie mix $1.35 Peppermint mocha whipped cream $3.19 Chocolate syrup $2.19 Vanilla, chocolate or mint chocolate chip ice cream $2.75 Here’s to celebrating and having yummy food to share with those we love without breaking the bank! Resources: ALDI Grocery Stores - Quality Food. Everyday Low Prices. USDA ERS - Summary Findings ERS research and reporting of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for food contributes to an understanding of which f...

*all prices based on Aldi website/Aldi stores as of 12/17/22, and may not reflect prices at your local store or current sales.


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