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Food Neutrality

If you’ve been a follower of the Instagram page for a while, you may remember this post from July of 2020, which reads “Food freedom means being equally excited to add cherries and chips to my grocery cart”. Conversations similar to this have been a theme lately so a full post seemed timely for anyone who might’ve missed the post or be a newer follower to the blog/Instagram.

If reading the above sentence feels uncomfortable or impossible for you, I encourage you to be curious as to why it feels unattainable for you personally? Everybody deserves and is capable of having a more peaceful, neutral relationship around food.

As the caption reads: Yesterday I bought cherries and a new flavor of chips - both with the intention of snacking on them over the weekend.

I was excited to have both products so snacked on and off on both while making dinner, watching tv, etc last night. I was able to hit comfortable satiety with both items and go back to them as I wanted or even just to taste them again! Taste is a good enough reason sometimes to eat something.

With Intuitive Eating, all foods fit. And even if you have a period of wanting more “fun foods”, your body will inherently crave and ask for all foods again thus keeping cherries and chips on the same playing field!

This continues to happen in many different capacities since the post last year - peaches and pita bread, blueberry muffins and broccolini, garlic aioli and Greek yogurt… the alliterations could keep on going because food freedom means allowing ALL of the foods, whatever you like so the list is endless.


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