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Night Time Routine

Do you have a nighttime routine? If not, it can be helpful to establish some structure around bed and inform your body “it’s almost time to go to sleep”. Especially around this time of year, when for many, it means back to school or work and possibly a change in the sleep / wake schedule. And why is sleep so important? Adequate sleep has many benefits including: improved immunity; reducing risk for health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease; stress reduction and improvements in mood; better focus; mood regulation; and better ability to make decisions and avoid injuries. All of these things, in turn, help to promote more regulated eating as a result.

Your nighttime routine doesn’t have to be complicated but there are many things you can consider incorporating depending on what works well for you! Here are some ideas…

  1. Stop using devices for about 30-60 minutes before bed. Phones, computers, iPads, even possibly your TV could be disrupting your bedtime routine. If you’re able to, try to stop usage of all devices before bed and do something like read a book or magazine.

  2. Take a shower or bath. Bonus points if you use any sort of aromatherapy like lavender essential oils or a lavender body wash.

  3. Similar to #2, use aromatherapy such as a calming pillow spray or light a candle in your bedroom.

  4. Keep your bedroom as dark and cool as you can / find comfortable.

  5. Do some light stretching or yoga before bed. Additionally, including joyful movement during the day can help to contribute to better sleep.

  6. Have a snack before bed. If you find that you’re hungry before bed or even waking up hungry in the middle of the night, your body’s letting you know that it needs some more nutrition. Listen to these needs! Something that’s easy for you to digest may feel best to prioritize close to bedtime.

  7. Drink tea or another soothing beverage. Chamomile or a “sleepy time” style tea can feel calming before bed or something else like warm milk might feel more your style; either one is fine!

Here’s to restful nights ahead!


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