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Making the leap to entrepreneurship can be confusing and overwhelming. I can guide you in taking the first steps to building the business of your dreams and    feeling empowered in your skills!

I, like you, had a passion to become a private practice RD from the moment I became a dietitian. The only problem was.....where do I begin? 

If I had a mentor and guide when I first started my practice in 2014, I would have saved myself from the many headaches and sleepless nights I experienced. Which is why I am here for you. To help you through the many questions that starting your business brings on. Because let's face it, we know nutrition, we don't really know business.

I can't say I have all the answers, but what I can tell you is that I learned A TON along the way. Someone once told me the second you stop learning, or feel bored in your business, that's it, that's the end of the road. And I couldn't agree more. My brand continues to evolve, I continue to make mistakes, and I continue to better myself as a dietitian and business woman. What keeps me going? Motivation and fearlessness. I'm okay with learning from my mistakes, and you have to be too. That's where the growth is.


I'm proud to say within my second year of business I was making a profit and working full time. And the cherry on top is, it doesn't even feel like work. I am so happy doing what I love and feel blessed to meet with my clients everyday. I've made my business mine. My business is my brand and represents me. It's got to feel comfortable. Half the battle is finding your brand, and I'll help you discover that. 

For me, my brand is about building a healthy food relationship, because I believe the best kind of health is the kind where your heart and mind are happy and you feel good about yourself. My passion is helping others overcome their food struggles, disordered eating behaviors, and diet mindset to find peace again with food and eating. This is what lights me up. You have to enjoy what you do to be good at it, right? My dad always told me "do what you love, and you'll never work a day in your life." So true!

What's your passion? What aspect of nutrition do you genuinely enjoy? It's likely there's someone out there practicing what you believe in. And if there's not, you be the first. Our passions can be different, but the foundation of a strong business is all the same.

My mentorship will allow us to tackle and discuss the foundational pieces of starting a private practice. There are elements of both information as well as self reflection that can be helpful when getting started. It is very common to feel EVERYTHING needs to be in place before starting a practice. I can walk you through the nuts + bolts of what you need and trust that the rest can be filled in (and tweaked!) when you are "in business."

Sample topics we can cover in your coaching call include:

  • Case consultation

  • Incorporating intuitive eating/Health at Every Size into your practice

  • Discovering your niche

  • Logistical steps for starting a business

  • Networking with other health professionals

  • Building a client base

  • Finding your voice and communicating with your ideal client

  • Building a virtual nutrition practice

  • Using your blog or social media to market your services

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