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Life's Purpose

When did life go from free and light to stressful and complicated?

Really think about it -

Was it an event in your life?

Did you look in the mirror and not like what you saw?

Did you let yourself "go" and can't find your way back to health?

All of these reasons are the pitfalls of life that give us the opportunity to rise up and overcome! It's never too late to make healthy changes, but remember that perfecting your body is not your life's purpose.

Most stress we feel in our lives we put on ourselves.

Your purpose is to seek happiness and passion that bring joy to your soul. Detach from the superficial stuff. The stuff that that makes you critical of yourself and pulls you away from inner peace.

What makes you happy?

Now write three steps on how to realistically make more of this happen.

Because part of your journey to health is your journey to inner happiness.

mindful eating, intuitive eating, losing weight, self worth

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