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How to Trust Your Body

Something I always say when working with those learning to recover from eating disorder behaviors and consistent dieting is "trust your body" and "trust the process of recovery."

And almost always without fail, I hear in return "How?"

We are all born with the internal wisdom for eating intuitively. Think about a child being offered a snack or a meal. They respond according to their true hunger cues. When presented with several options of foods, they choose which looks most appetizing to them at the time. And then, they stop when they feel satisfied. They know instinctively when to stop. This is the very instinct that dieting blurs. The intense diet culture that we live in today removes us from trusting our own body wisdom to determine hunger and fullness.

We live in a world where diets determine what we should eat, what we shouldn't eat, and when to eat. So much so, that we begin to feel guilty for simply being hungry. "Oh it's 1:00pm and I'm hungry? I can't possibly eat now, I just had lunch!" Does this type of scenario ever run through your head? This is your body telling you either what you had for lunch was not satisfying or simply not enough. Learn to honor your preferences without feeling bad about it.

Eating without joy is no fun. When your eating habits become blah and dreadful, you can bet on a binge coming on soon. It's when this feeling becomes too much to bear, we overeat to the point way beyond fullness.

Making peace with food is the very first step and I can help you get started. Re-learning how to eat is a complex process and can take some time. But it’s a process that’s well worth it. Learning to eat intuitively brings a satisfying freedom so you can finally enjoy all foods and dining can become the pleasurable experience you once remember it being.

Baby steps and small changes are key. Don't rush the process, rather learn to trust it!

Ditch the diet mentality: Start detaching yourself from any rules and restrictions you have put on yourself

Honor your hunger cues: Try looking inward to determine an eating pattern.

Observe: Notice the types of food you eat, how and why you eat, and how that food makes you feel.

Acceptance: Just as you would not squeeze into a size 6 shoe if you are an 8, trying to change your body in ways in can't be changed is only going to lead to failure. Accept your genetics and your body's make up. Own it and let go of the unrealistic standards you put on yourself.

Want to start your own intuitive eating challenge today? I'm ready when you are! Contact me to get started.

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