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The Mistake of Pursuing Weight Loss to Find Happiness

Some people start their weight loss journey in the hopes that being thinner will solve all of life problems and bring happiness.

......not exactly the truth.

Weight loss is a funny thing. Yes, we may all have a couple pounds we'd be happy to lose, but when we have the expectation that the loss will bring for a different life, its nothing short of a false hope (in my opinion).

It's really not the scale that's the problem. I think it ultimately comes down to not feeling good "enough". You may be down a size, have a flatter tummy, and feel leaner, but those things still don't promise self acceptance.

Bottom line: These struggles with body image, food rules, (and therefore weight) are the issues deep down. What's the fix to all this? Some self-lovin'!

Find motivation in things that inspire you. Make it a point to laugh with the people you care about. Engage in hobbies that you enjoy. Try cooking more. Work on finding happiness in your life.Whatever it may be, your joy should come from a multitude of things. Not just weight. Because putting your happiness in a number that naturally fluctuates will feel like the road to nowhere.


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