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A Little Effort Goes a Long Way

" I have all the time in the world to get healthy and do all the things I want to do"

...said no one ever.

So how do people do it? Juggle work, family, school, eating right, and maybe fitting in a work out?

Prioritizing. And realizing you don't need to be a super human to do it all. Let go of the perfectionism. It doesn't exist. 'All or nothing' thinking could be exactly what's preventing you from getting healthier.

Are you an all or nothing thinker? Do you find yourself in situations like:

- "Well, if I cant go to the gym for at least 45 minutes, I might as well not even bother."

- "I already ate poorly for lunch, so I'll just continue to eat bad the rest of the day."

This type of thinking is likely what's holding you back from living a healthier life. Why not youtube a fitness routine for 15 minutes? Why not still make the effort to have a serving of veggies with dinner?

You know what I like to tell people when they feel they've messed up?

Do the next right thing.

'Falling off the wagon' as some people put it is part of living a normal life. If all you're doing is striving to make time for eating healthy foods, working out, and staying on a routine are you really living at all?

This black and white way of thinking and living is so hard to sustain because our lives are anything but black and white.

Yes, I think routines are great, but a flexible routine is what I believe is even more important.

Make time for your health where and when you can. Try just being more consistent and being more okay with little bits of effort everyday.

It's hard I know, but this is the balance that will bring you happiness and health too!


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