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Confront Your Rules

Is your life dominated by rules that make no sense?

Without even noticing it is likely that rigid rules have become established habits as a way to control your food intakes. But the problem is, you're not in control at all. The disordered thoughts are.

Rigid rules likely get started as a way to balance food and overall eating behaviors. But over time it is common to become more and more strict. Usually these rules actually make no sense at all when you start to think about it.

For example, maybe you pass on cake served with lunch, but then eat a whole chocolate bar that evening. You may listen to yourself and not have carbs before noon, but a cereal binge at 3:00pm sounds great. You're not supposed to eat "meals" But snacks are okay. So you snack throughout the day.

Do these scenarios sound familiar? No matter how many rules are in place, the body is always going to try and get what it needs.

Really ask yourself what is the purpose of rules like this? Recognize that obeying rules pulls you further away from a healthy food relationship.

Start to confront these rules. Challenge them. Consider the context behind them. And you will find there's no substance there. Your true self likely wants nothing to do with them.

It can be so helpful to separate these thoughts from yourself. These disordered thoughts makes you behave in strange ways.

If your true self and your disordered thoughts and behaviors are not the same then you can make use of one to solve the other. Let this give you hope to start overcoming this way of life. You got this!

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