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Festive 4th of July Food Ideas!

If you are celebrating the Fourth of July holiday, you might’ve been asked to bring a dish to pass to the festivities and want to make sure it’s affordable, which is a focus of these ideas! To make it even more festive, here are some food ideas to bring on the red, white and blue!

Additionally, some of these dishes you can buy similar items for and re purpose i.e making the skewers and the fruity dessert below with many overlapping ingredients to help lessen food waste and stretch your grocery budget even further.

Red, white, and blue skewers:

Cherry tomatoes $2.98

Mozzarella balls  $3.98

Blueberries $2.77

Optional - drizzle with balsamic glaze, add fresh basil or use a block of mozzarella and a star-shaped cookie cutter for some extra festivity!

Total $9.73

Hummus and chips:

Roasted red pepper hummus $2.87

Pita chips $3.92

Blue corn tortilla chips $3.47

Total $10.26

Blue cheese stuffed strawberries

Strawberries $1.88

Blue cheese $2.88

Optional - drizzle with balsamic glaze

Total $4.76

Fruity dessert:

Strawberries $1.88

Pre-made angel food cake $5.48 (if you prefer to buy a boxed mix and make it yourself, this may be more affordable)

Whipped cream $3.48

Blueberries $2.77

Total $13.61

Optional - you can consider making this in a trifle dish for a layered patriotic presentation!


Pre-made mini red velvet cupcakes $4.48 (similar to above, if you prefer to buy boxed cake mix and cream cheese frosting, this may offer some cost savings if this is feasible for you!)

Add blue sprinkles $1.77

Total $6.25

If you’re not too keen on these ideas but want some other festive appetizer ideas here are some previous posts with similar sentiments that may feel helpful:

Enjoy your Fourth of July celebration with these colorful and tasty food pairings that honor the red, white, and blue. Be well and stay safe!

all prices based on as of 7/1/2024, and may not reflect prices at your local store or current sales


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