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In Season Produce

Here is a roundup of some popular fruits and vegetables that are in season in autumn (September-November). Keep in mind that whatever variety is most affordable and accessible to you and your family is the best option for you - whether that be fresh, frozen, canned, dried, or 100% juice.



Asian Pear



Brussels Sprouts


Butter Lettuce




Jalapeno Peppers




Sweet Potatoes


Squash (acorn, butternut, delicata)

Swiss Chard


Why is eating seasonally a good idea? Well for a few reasons...

  1. It can be more affordable. When produce is harvested during its peak season, there is a higher yield. More availability equates to a lesser cost for consumers.

  2. When produce is in season, it means it is more nutrient dense and fresher. If something is grown locally, you can consider that it has less travel time to reach your grocery store shelves, thus being more sustainable too! Additionally, this is a great reminder that when you are buying out of season produce, frozen is a great option; it is typically both more affordable and nutritious given that it was likely picked during peak season and flash frozen at that time to preserve nutrient quality.

  3. It can invite you to try new items! Maybe you saw the list above and thought “hmm I haven’t ever used a turnip before?”. Seeing what is in season can inspire you to try produce outside of what you typically buy. If you’re buying from a farmer’s market, ask the farmer if they have any recommendations on how to prepare and consume anything that might be unfamiliar to you.

Here are some recipes previously shared on the blog that utilize some of the above seasonal ingredients:

Hoping this post inspired you to try something new to you or utilize an ingredient you don’t often use! Happy Fall!


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