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Lessons Learned While Strawberry Picking

If you’ve been here for a while, you may remember a post a few months ago titled “Lessons Learned from a Mug of Hot Chocolate”, and we are back again today with another experience: Lessons Learned While Strawberry Picking. These experiences are really fun to have and write about because they show that even for someone who practices and preaches Intuitive Eating, there are still always opportunities for reflection and it isn’t just something you necessarily do on autopilot all of the time (it certainly becomes more second nature, but it isn’t just this robotic, mechanical experience!). If you have ever been strawberry picking before, you’ve probably also snuck a few berries to eat while you’re picking. Fresh grown strawberries that are warm from the sun are one of life’s greatest pleasures if you ask me! Despite this being something that is technically against the rules (I am sure the farms know that folks do this, however it obviously isn’t encouraged), I doubt you’ve felt true guilt around it. So why do we allow ourselves to feel guilt around food choices in general? Guilt is not an ingredient in any of our foods, and by definition means we have done something against our moral code. How can eating be against our moral code when it is a true physiological need of all humans? If you are picking strawberries (or have even just seen a strawberry plant before), you’ve probably also noticed that the berries are all different shapes and sizes. And that’s beautiful! Diversity in plants and wildlife is expected and accepted, yet we struggle to apply the same inclusion to human beings. And finally, while out picking strawberries it was a wonderful time to practice body appreciation. My legs and knees allowed me to bend over and crouch down to be at eye level with the plants, my eyes allowed me to weed out any berries that may have gone bad, and my hands and fingers allowed me to pluck off the best looking fruit and add them to the basket. It may feel like a stretch to practice body positivity - but body appreciation, respect or tolerance may feel like more viable areas to land at and that’s totally okay! If you have a chance to go strawberry picking, I highly recommend it. Food freedom also allows you to enjoy a bowl of fresh strawberries or a homemade strawberry shortcake and for it all to be morally neutral, and most importantly, delicious! Have a berry good week, until next time!


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