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Sandwich Ideas!

When the weather heats up, sometimes our desire to cook can go down. Turning on the oven and making the house warmer seems like something we want to avoid at all costs. But hey we still gotta eat. A meal that is so versatile and often underrated (IMO) are sandwiches! Sandwiches can be eaten for any meal or a snack. They are typically no to low prep work and can be a great way to get many different food groups in a cohesive package! So let’s talk some satiating sandwich ideas, shall we?

Reuben: pastrami (or you can do a Turkey Reuben, aka a “Rachel”), sauerkraut or coleslaw, thousand island or French dressing, Swiss cheese and rye bread.

Caprese chicken: grilled or deli chicken, mozzarella, basil, balsamic vinegar or glaze, arugula and pesto on bread of your choice (something like a ciabatta is good to stand up to the sauces FYI).

BLT: a classic BLT is delicious! But you may also like the idea of a BLAT (add avocado) or something like a BLATT (add avocado and deli turkey). The great thing is that you can add to it whatever makes it a filling and satiating choice for you and that might mean a few more additions to the classic recipe. Also - a reminder if you’re not wanting to use the oven is that you can cook the bacon ahead of time and microwave it throughout the week or purchase pre-cooked bacon.

Egg sandwich: while it may sound primarily like a breakfast choice, an egg sandwich can be enjoyed any time of day! Feel free to add more fixings such as: meat like bacon or sausage (or a meatless alternative); veggies like greens, peppers or onions; cheese; a spread such as a chipotle aioli or cream cheese. Serve on your favorite bread product such as an English muffin, bagel or bread!

Other yummy flavor combos/ideas to consider pursuing in a sandwich include:

Fig, goat cheese and prosciutto

Meatball sub

Patty melt

A grilled cheese with your favorite fixings

Falafel, veggies and hummus or tzatziki in a pita

What else would you add to the list? The options are endless and exploring them is a delicious adventure.


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