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Shifting the Conversation Away from Diet Talk

I don’t know about you, but it seems like almost overnight a lot of changes have all started to happen at once! The weather is getting warmer, certain states have been more lenient with COVID restrictions, and you may be socializing more. If you are feeling anxious about any of this please know that your feelings are valid; the past 14 months or so have been completely unprecedented. Also if you are choosing to socialize more, please ensure you are still protecting your peace and time for things you want and need to do! Deciding to stay home or decline invitations even as things open up more is completely permissible.

Seeing more of family, friends, coworkers, etc may also be a source of stress if we are worrying about folks making commentary about diet talk and weight/body. Here is a guide for those who may be prone to speaking about those topics as well as those who are looking for different things to talk about if you are changing the subject as a boundary around these conversations!

10 things that are more interesting to talk about:

  1. Ask what has been their favorite tv show or movie they’ve watched or book that they’ve read recently.

  2. Ask if they have made any recipes while cooking more at home that they may recommend; if you are asking someone who you know does not have an affinity for cooking you can also ask them if they have any funny kitchen snafu stories to share!

  3. Ask what has been their favorite way to stay connected with others over the past year or so (Zoom meetings, Facetime, texting, calling, or maybe they have welcomed less socializing).

  4. Ask about any fun puzzles or board/card/video games that have kept things fun lately.

  5. Ask where the ideal first place they would travel to would be.

  6. Ask if someone has continued dating throughout the pandemic (virtual?) and if so, have they met anyone notable?

  7. Ask what has allowed someone to incorporate laughter and joy into their days - memes, podcasts, stand up comedy specials, etc?

  8. Ask if a favorite new spot for a walk, hike, bike etc has been discovered.

  9. Ask if any new ways to be creative were found - making music playlists, painting, writing, baking, home projects, etc?

  10. Ask what has been the most surprising thing someone has learned about themselves navigating the pandemic and quarantine.

And the list could go on and on! Even asking someone what their favorite candle scent or essential oil they’ve used in the past year is more interesting than diet talk! Please utilize this list if you are someone who is trying to challenge these conversations, either as subjects you may gravitate towards or if you know others around you who may need some redirecting ;) best of luck and happy socializing (if this is what you want to do, of course!)


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