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What Clients are Saying

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"Marissa's approach to nutrition and healthy living is so refreshing! She combines an approach that is both empathetic and realistic. She is flexible to meet your needs and never once makes you feel guilty or ashamed for your unhealthy habits. I feel completely supported and heard when I meet with her. The environment of openness and non-judgment she creates has made a tremendous contribution to my progress."

"Marissa is full of energy, has great ideas & recommendations for what & when to eat. She has a great personality which is contagious and gives you the energy and mindset to do the right thing!"

"When I came to Thrive Nutrition I was having a hard time breathing from my weight gain. I was considering weight loss surgery which terrified me. I was frustrated trying to lose weight and tried other nutrition services and doctors in northeast Pa. Even at my heaviest Marissa was the first in the weight loss field that didn't criticize me and wasn't judgmental. Because of her knowledge compassion love of her clients and her patience I am on my way to losing the most amount of weight I've ever been able to lose. She has educated me on making better choices and helped me to understand you can't change 40 years of bad eating choices overnight. One of the best things about Marissa is she isn't rigid, she is flexible and when something doesn't work she reevaluates and trys again. I can't say enough about Marissa!!"

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