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Breaking the Binge Cycle

UGH. This cycle is hell on earth.

You know if you've experienced it before firsthand.

It came seem like a never ending road of restriction followed by binges. Like there's no way out.

Oh but my friend, there is!

It all starts with letting go of the idea perfectionism.

Perfectionism is usually at the root of restriction. Trying to only stay within x amount of calories. Trying to only eat "clean". Trying to only eat fruits and vegetables. And the problem with all of that is that perfectionism and "perfect" eating do not exist. And truly, there's no need for it. Our bodies don't expect perfect. That's just an unrealistic thought that we have in our heads.

Once you allow yourself to eat the foods you're body is asking for, your binges will decrease. Scary I know. But I promise.

Ultimately the restriction is likely coming from a goal of weight loss. But when a person experiences restrict and binge cycles, the brain feels the threat of deprivation and acts accordingly. It sends more obsessions. They way out? Stop pursuing weight loss.

Ok so how to start? Understand you will make mistakes. You will eat too much and feel bad and you will eat too little and have another binge at times. And thats okay. Allow this to happen. I know it goes against the "perfect" way of thinking, but believe me...mistakes should be welcomed. Mistakes will pave your way to recovery rather than keep you from it. Look for them and welcome them. They will help you understand HOW to move forward.

Be patient. We have circadian rhythms with eating just like with sleep. It will take time for your body to get used to new eating patterns. You CAN rewire your brain to not obsess about food except for when we need it. A good way to start this process is to eat every 2-3 hours. It may seem like a lot (because you're likely not used to eating frequently), but it will help IMMENSELY with decreasing cravings which lead to binges. If this seems hard for you, take advantage of the timer on your phone and set it to remind yourself every couple hours that its time for a meal or snack!

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