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Take Back the Power

Is food the one calling all the shots in your life?

Is it food that's making the decision where to dine and what you should make for lunch?

Do you feel out of control around food when at parties or on vacations?

If so, I'm sure you're fed up, tired, and just want to surrender. But how?

You need to take the power back that you've given to food.

Here is a really common scenario of when food takes over.

Let's say you're on vacation for a week and so excited to just relax. But uh oh, you're surrounded by chocolate, nachos, sweetened beverages, and dessert every night and you're having a hard time staying in control. You end up really only enjoying like 2 days out of the vacation because the rest of your week you're just too overwhelmed by how fat you feel and how much you need to start your diet on Monday.

This is the struggle that becomes your life. Do you just give up going to fun events and on vacations?

Oh no you don't!

You gotta work to take some power back. To not let food rules control everything.

It starts with permission. Permission to eat these "fun foods" all year round, not just on vacation.

Without permission, you end up rebelling on your food rules and binging. This brings on the shame and guilt, which then leads you to more strict rules and restriction.

Tips to get started today? Start permission with one food at a time. Also, eating when hungry, and stopping when full sounds simple, yet is not easy. Mastering these hunger cues will put you back in control.

Does this sound like something you're ready for? I want to hear from you! Contact me here and let's get you back on track.

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