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Slowing Down

Who else is loving the change in the air telling us that autumn is on the horizon? Fall is such a beautiful season and while I love the summer, having a change of season is usually really nice.

For me, fall and winter also bring about a different kind of pace aka slowing down. This summer was clearly a lot different for many people compared to years past, but I still felt pretty busy and on the go! I also think the natural desire to hibernate when it’s colder temperatures, as well as darker earlier in the day is pretty strong for many. Personally I accept this with open arms! However, I know slowing down is difficult for many individuals.

If you find that slowing down or being less busy is difficult for you, I urge you to be really cognizant of the why behind this. Do you find it hard to be alone with yourself and potentially uncomfortable thoughts and feelings? Is staying busy a “badge of honor” or expectation you and/or others place on yourself? Being able to be content in the present moment and with your thoughts can be hard and scary! But doesn’t it sound a lot more scary to never be able to reach a place of peace with all seasons of life? Be curious and non-judgmental with yourself as you start to tease why having a slower pace may be bothersome or problematic for you.

How can you practice compassion with yourself during the changing seasons of life? How can you intentionally slow down and revel in the opportunity to rest and recharge vs balk at it? Be deliberate in your choices, practice self care, and be extremely gentle with yourself! Cheers to the autumn solstice - until next time!

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