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Enjoying Beverages

Beverages - this can be a difficult one for individuals to feel as though they can give themselves unconditional permission to enjoy or have. Diet culture teaches us that you should not drink your calories or that you need to make healthier versions of the drinks you know and love. But I am here to tell you that unconditional permission to not only drink, but fully enjoy these beverages is totally okay. Unconditional permission should be granted to both food and drink!

This time of year really lends itself to seasonal beverages, and how soothing is having a hot cup of something after being out in the cold? Pumpkin spice lattes, peppermint mocha, chai tea lattes - you name it, you can and should have it. And no not the “healthified” version (unless you truthfully enjoy that more or it is more accessible/affordable for you). I understand that there is a privilege in being able to spend more than a few dollars on a drink at a cafe as often as you please - but as much as you are able to, I highly encourage you to order what sounds satisfying to you, not what you think you should have or the “better for you” option.

Remember, telling yourself that something is a “only sometimes food or drink” or a “once in a while treat” is still problematic as it is still categorizing food or beverages into black and white boxes. Making food and drink decisions under an Intuitive Eating approach means making choices from a place of self-care, satisfaction, and food freedom.

An activity that could help you navigate this is to write down any and all beverages you used to enjoy or let yourself order/have, and try to practice a newfound permission to have them. Order them out next time you are running errands or buy the creamer again that you love. Life is too short to only drink black coffee if that is not your true preference.

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