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Want to hear something that may shock you? You can totally set New Year's resolutions that have absolutely nothing to do with dieting and/or changing your body size. Yes, you can even set resolutions for incorporating more health promoting behaviors, and still not have them encompassed in diets or weight loss. I have been asking around to my non-diet colleagues lately to see what kind of resolutions (if any) they are looking to set for this year. Gentle reminder: resolutions or ways to self-improve can be set any time of year and not just in the new year. When they are set in the new year, they take on an entirely heightened sense of needing to be done then and there, and needing to be done well, because everyone else is doing it, right? Wrong. Ongoing self-awareness and a desire to continue to self-improve are very good traits to have, and do not need to be utilized only once a year.

Some ideas that other non-diet friends and colleagues of mine helped to share:

  • Read more books or listen to more audiobooks/podcasts (either for pleasure and/or work and self-help)

  • Learn a new language

  • Donate blood more frequently

  • Schedule all annual doctor’s appointments (especially the ones you have been putting off)

  • Schedule a therapist appointment if you have been considering it or putting it off for whatever reason

  • Buy more secondhand clothing and items

  • Recycle more and buy more sustainable items such as reusable baggies, utensils and water bottles

  • Commit to taking more time off of work (you’ve earned those vacay days even if it is only for a stay-cation!)

  • Make sleep a priority and create an enjoyable sleep routine (comfy PJs, set bedtime, white noise or meditation apps, lavender oil - things like this)

  • Take more walking breaks during the day or at work

  • Find a new form of joyful accessible movement (yoga, hiking, dance classes)

  • Try a new hobby - puzzles, crafting, cooking skills

  • Clean up your social media (unfollow accounts that cause negative feelings for you or delete an account/app entirely)

Phew, what a list! Anything I missed? What is everyone’s 2021 goals (that have nothing to do with weight!)? Whatever your goals are, I wish you a happy and safe New Year, see ya next year ;)


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