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Happy 2023!

Happy New Year! As we enter into 2023, diet culture is going to be very loud and present. It may feel like you have to unsubscribe from the idea that you can’t make any resolutions related to your relationship to food or movement OR you have to fully dive into what diet mentality suggests you make resolutions about regarding nutrition and exercise. However, there’s a lot more nuance to it than that! And if you so decide, you can set food and movement focused resolutions without a diet mentality. Here are some ideas…


  • Trying new recipes

  • Better budgeting with grocery shopping

  • Trying ingredients (i.e a new produce item, snack product, protein, etc)

  • Visiting more restaurants that serve unique cuisines

  • Dining at small business spots to support local


  • Trying a new, fun exercise class

  • Starting a walking group at work or taking more walking meetings yourself

  • Incorporating more rest days

  • Including massage therapy, foam rolling, etc into your movement regimen

  • Focusing on more mindful movement

You can decide to try as many or as little of these ideas as you’d like, even none of them and that’d be OK!

Resolutions really can be whatever you like and you can decide to make a new one by February 1st if you don’t like what you picked or find that it’s making your life better. When it comes to resolutions (as well as with many things related to exploring your relationship to food and movement), as said, nuance is so important! Check in with your intentions behind picking and sticking to certain resolutions or not.



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