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In Season Spring Produce

If you’ve been following along with the blog for awhile, you might remember a post that went up in the autumn referencing in season produce for that time of year, so I figured it was time for another round up for the spring! If you’d like to read the fall post, it can be found here. This previous post also references some of the positive reasons to eat seasonally including: increased affordability, increased nutrient density/freshness of foods, and a chance to potentially try unfamiliar produce.

For the springtime as well, think of the season change as a way to invite some different and fun ways to incorporate movement! How you might ask? If you have a green thumb, gardening can be such a form of joyful movement and allow you to grow some of your own yummy ingredients. If you’re not much of a gardener, could you spend a morning walking around a farmer’s market and looking for new ingredients and items to try? Or perhaps you’re interested in joining a CSA to try more produce, but think it would be too much food for one person; maybe you could split the share with a friend and spend some time walking around a park nearby to catch up? It can be really helpful to remember that movement is anything that gets you moving!

Produce in season for the spring:












Collard Greens




Source: Seasonal Produce Guide

Here are some recipes previously shared on the blog that utilize some of the above seasonal ingredients:

Wherever you may be reading this from, hoping that this season change is bringing you sunshine and good vibes!

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